Two Ways to Find Your Perfect Coach!

We Coach Your Sport

In an environment where camps, clinics, and travel teams are now the norm, athletes need “that something extra” to give them an extra-edge and stand out among other players!  Our private coaching services are used for many reasons:
  • to build a player’s confidence
  • to help earn a starting position
  • to help make the varsity squad
  • to help earn a college scholarship! (save on tuition!!)
Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, and more! Don't see your sport listed? No worries. Click here and tell us your needs. If SkillZDr doesn’t have the right coach, we’ll go look for one!

Private Sports Coaching = 1 on 1 Training

  • Need a Coach to Evaluate and Develop a Training Plan?
  • Need a Coach to Focus on Specific Skills?
  • Need Help on Fundamentals?
  • Need to Learn Some New Tricks?
  • Whatever is Needed ...your SkillZDr will Tailor to YOUR NEEDS!
SkillZDr has quickly become the fastest growing network of Local Private Sports Coaches! If you have a student athlete that would like to step up their game, SkillZDr will help you get there! Not sure if we Coach in your area? No problem. Just give us a shout and we will let you know!!

What Makes SkillZDr Unique?

Our Coaches are Accomplished Players!
By only using accomplished players, we believe our coaches are best prepared to demonstrate the skills to our student athletes where they need help most, and provide the best experience possible for both students and parents!
We Save You Time!
Private sports coaches can be cumbersome and time consuming for parents to find. We make this easier by custom-matching the student with a coach utilizing our proprietary needs-based (S.M.A.R.T.) matching system. Just tell us your needs and we’ll make a match!
Training at Home
We can train at a field or gym, but if space is available let SkillZDr come to you! We can offer training at home, allowing athletes more time to focus on academic demands, and freeing up more time for the family!
We Help Prepare for the Next Level!
The focus of SkillZDr is helping parents find “that something extra” to prepare their student-athletes for next level opportunities in sports. We help student athletes of all ages, and no matter what the goals are, let SkillZDr help you get prepared to achieve them!